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The All Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity hosts regular events at Westminster to inform MPs and Peers on obesity related issues. We try to ensure as many meetings as possible are open to the wider stakeholder community.

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Upcoming Events

News of upcoming events from the APPG on Obesity will be announced here.

Previous Events

Obesity APPG Treatment Event

The APPG held an event focusing on the treatment part of the obesity pathway in March 2019.

Following a successful International Conference in January 2019, which examined whether obesity should be recognised as a disease in the UK, the APPG sought to turn its focus toward the proficiency and accessibility of obesity treatment services in the country. Policy makers, clinical experts, healthcare professionals and patients met in Portcullis House to discuss current obesity service provision and address what could be done to improve services.

Please find minutes from the event here

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Obesity APPG International Conference

The centrepiece of the Obesity APPG’s calendar, the International Conference, took place place on January 14th 2019. This important summit brought together US, European and UK experts, international health ministers and policy makers, and people with obesity to examine whether obesity should be recognised as a disease in the UK. Discussion focused on the effects this might have on the NHS, while making comparisons to other countries which have already made this step. The following topics were discussed by a panel of expert speakers:

  • Panel 1: Why/why not declare obesity a disease? Is it a lifestyle condition, a genetic disease, or something else?

  • Panel 2: What would it mean to declare obesity a disease?

  • Panel 3: What does the future look like?

Obesity APPG: Ideas for Preventing Obesity

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity recognises the importance of the full obesity pathway, from prevention right through to treatment. The group’s event focusing on prevention took place on 30th October in the Thatcher Room, Portcullis House, and welcomed parliamentarians, clinicians, activists and people to discuss ideas for preventing obesity.

Topics for discussion included:

  • What is the minimum level of prevention services that should available for adults and children?

  • How can local government, food manufacturers and employers support individuals to make healthy choices?

  • Shedding a spotlight on areas of best practice.

  • Interventions included in the second chapter of the Government’s childhood obesity plan, such as the consultation on the 9pm watershed on TV advertising of products high in fat, sugar and salt, a policy endorsed by the APPG’s recent report.

Members of the expert panel included:

  • Jonathan Valabhji, National Clinical Director for Obesity and Diabetes at NHS England

  • Richard Sangster, Team Leader on Obesity Policy at the Department of Health and Social Care

  • Danny Ruta, Director of Public Health for Lewisham

  • Caroline Saunders, Applied Research and Claims Director at Suntory Ribena

  • Paul Evans, Operations Director at School Health UK

For detailed notes of this discussion, please contact

Annual General Meeting

The APPG also held a closed annual general meeting (AGM) on October 30th, in the Thatcher Room, Portcullis House, designed to elect officer, appoint the secretariat and review the upcoming work programme. Minutes of the AGM can be found here.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity Report Launch

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity launched its inquiry findings on 15th May 2018 at an official event in Parliament. Attendees were invited from across the stakeholder groups involved with the delivery of obesity services, as well as people with obesity and parliamentarians.The event included two panel discussions, members of which can be found below:

Panel Discussion 1 -  Causes, science of obesity & stigma

  • Dr Stuart Flint – Psychologist, Leeds Beckett University

  • Prof John Wass - Professor of Endocrinology, Oxford University

  • Prof Pinki Sahota - Professor of Nutrition and Childhood Obesity, Leeds Becket University

  • Baroness Jenkin – Vice Chair, APPG on Obesity

Panel Discussion 2: Current provision & patient perspective

  • Dr Matt Capehorn - GP and Clinical Manager, Rotherham Institute for Obesity

  • Prof Francesco Rubino, Chair of Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery, King’s College London

  • Julie Wood – Chief Executive, NHS Clinical Commissioners

  • Sarah Le Broc – Director, HOOP

Key findings of the report: 

  • 88% of people with obesity who took part in the survey have been stigmatised, criticised or abused as a result of their obesity.

  • 94% of all respondents believe that there is not enough understanding about the causes of obesity amongst the public, politicians and other stakeholders.

  • 42% of people with obesity did not feel comfortable talking to their GP about their obesity.

  • More than one third of people with obesity who completed the survey stated that they have not accessed any lifestyle or prevention services.

The meeting minutes can be downloaded here.


Obesity APPG Extraordinary General Meeting

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity is delighted to announce that following its Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), Andrew Selous MP was formally elected as its new Chair. 

We are delighted to have Andrew as Chair and are looking forward to working with him in the future. 

The EGM follows January’s reshuffle, after which the previous Chair, Maggie Throup MP, has sadly had to stand down. The Group would also like to thank Maggie for her fantastic work as Chair, and wish her luck in her new role as PPS to the Ministerial Team at the Department of Health and Social Care. 

The EGM took place on Wednesday 28th February in Room U, Portcullis House, at 11:00am. 

The minutes of the EGM can be found here. 

Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships Roundtable event

In 2017 the APPG on Obesity carried out an audit of the 44 STP plans in order to determine the level of provision made for people with obesity. 

The APPG is eager to understand how it might support STPs moving forward to ensure that they have an appropriate level of provision for people with obesity within their footprint.

A roundtable discussion, held on 7th February 2018, provided the forum for individuals with a responsibility for shaping and delivering STPs to come together to discuss how to make provision for people with obesity. 

Guest speakers included: 

  • Professor John Wass, a Consultant Physician and Professor of Endocrinology at Oxford University

  • Dr Rachel Batterham, a Professor and Consultant in Obesity, Diabetes and Endocrinology at UCLH

  • Professor Jonathan Valabhji, National Clinical Director for Obesity and Diabetes at NHS England, and Consultant Diabetologist at Imperial

  • Sarah Le Brocq, Director of HOOP UK

The meeting minutes can be downloaded here. 

An Executive Summary of the event can be downloaded here. 


Tackling obesity: from prevention to treatment; the current state of obesity services

The last meeting, on the obesity pathway from prevention to treatment, was on 28th November 2017.

The All-Party Group held its first full meeting of the year after its AGM, with Maggie Throup MP chairing, supported by Eleanor Smith MP and Baroness Jenkin of Kennington, vice chairs.

The speakers were:

  • Dr Jenifer Smith, who is running a programme at Public Health England to make obesity and diabetes services accessible through technology.

  • Dr Matt Capehorn, head of the Rotherham Institute for Obesity.

  • Dr Alexander Miras, clinical senior lecturer in metabolic medicine at Imperial College London and consultant endocrinologist.

  • Paul Stevenson, a patient speaker with an inspiring story.

The minutes will be available on this page shortly.

For further information please email or call 02077356963.



Annual Group Meeting (AGM) – 18th July 2017

The AGM took place at 13:00 on the 18th July 2017. This closed meeting was designed to elect officer, appoint the secretariat and review the upcoming work programme. 
The minutes of the meeting can be found here